Nepal Published Priority Assistive Product List to Enhance access to Assistive Technology.

The World health organization initiate towards improving global access to assistive products for everyone, everywhere.WHO estimates that today, more than 1 billion people need one or more assistive products. With a global ageing population and rise in non communicable diseases, this number will rise beyond 2 billion by 2050, with many older people needing two or more products as they age.

In Nepal, Ministry of Health has designated Leprosy Control Division (LCD) as the disability focal unit related to health in 13 April 2015. Coordinating with different stakeholders it develop different programs and strategies related to disability in health.

Disability Focal Unit – LCD organize 1st national review and planning workshop on disability 9-11 August 2017 with different key stakeholders, professional organizations and Disabled people organizations. One of the major component of discussion was Assistive Devices and Components. Mr. Amit Ratna Bajracharya, Founder / Chairman Prosthetics Orthotics Society Nepal, who is also Executive board member of Ability to Change Together – Nepal present about the situation of assistive devices, its importances and gaps in achieving easy access of the services in Nepal.

This is the first forum where the discussion about the importance of GATE and Priority List of Assistive product took place.  As one of the conclusion , this forum felt the need of the domestic priority list to enhance the accessiblity on Assistive product.

On 20 September 2017,  LCD conduct Multi-sectoral Meeting on Assistive Technology (AT) –Disability.  The objective of this meeting was to interact and aware about the WHO GATE and current status of assistive Technology in Nepal.  Key speakers were Mr. Amit Ratna Bajracharya,  Founder Chairman Prosthetics and Orthotics Society – Nepal and Dr. Patanjali Dev Nayar, RA –DPR. WHO SEARO.

This meeting plays significant role on highlighting the importance of Priority List of Assistive Product in Nepal.

Recently LCD decided to make Assistive product list with defining the standard, service guideline and price for easy access. A technical working group / TWG on assistive technology were formed that prepare the priority assistive products list for Nepal. The Technical working group again formed sub group members including WHO consultant.
The data were collected  from various stakeholders and consultative meeting was held on  11 May 2018. Ability to Change Together – Nepal participate in the meeting and advocate for the importance of  standard service guideline in Assistive technology service. As a result LCD recently published Priority Assistive Product List for Nepal.APL

Please Click Priority-Assistive-Product-List_Nepal (1)



Mr. Kamaraj Devapitchai is the WHO Consultant for formation of APL. Mr. Gaetan  Mareshchal from Technical working group present the paper on formation and contents of the draft and Mr. Amit Ratna Bajracharya facilitate the consultative meeting.


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