International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics Published Education Standards for Prosthetic/Orthotic Occupations

The International forum for Prosthetics Orthotics #ISPO recently published New ISPO Education Standards for Prosthetic/Orthotic Occupations from their Website .


The document said that this is ISPO accreditation standards and procedures initiated since 2010 and gone through various methodologies that includes  extensive literature review, stakeholder feedback, and alignment with   Mainstream accreditation practices,  International Labour Organization’s Standard Classification of Occupations,  World Health Organization (WHO) prosthetics and orthotics service standards,  Global National Qualification Framework.

It has also published ISPO Education Standards Handbook.

 This document claim that it is the document the provides the  official operating policies, procedures and practices used by the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) Education Committee for Education Standards and Accreditation. It is written as the purpose of  document, “The ISPO Education Committee reviews ISPO Education Standards and Accreditation policies, procedures and practices on a routine basis in response to global changes in education, World Health Organisation (WHO) documents, accreditation expectations, and actions specific to accreditation and programme development. Unless noted otherwise, all policies included herein are effective 30 days after publication.”

The document is one of the great achievement on process of standardization of service delivery of prosthetics and orthotics. It also ensure the access of standard quality services to the public. In a low income or underdeveloped countries this is a good guiding document to regularize the human resources, upgrading the service standards and initiate training programs. This gives clear picture of way forward to develop prosthetics and Orthotics in Nepal. Nepal should start the regularization of professionals involving in prosthetics and orthotics services and start to maintain standard of professional qualifications and training from onward. Hope The stakeholders and Government will cooperate on development of service delivery in prosthetics and orthotics.

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